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Module mmLib.mmCIF

mmCIF file and mmCIF dictionary parser. Files are parsed into a set of data structures where they can be further processed. The data structures can also be constructed and written back out as mmCIF. A CIF dictionary parser is also included as a specialized version of the mmCIF parser.
mmCIFData Contains all information found under a data_ block in a mmCIF file.
mmCIFDictionary Class representing a mmCIF dictionary.
mmCIFFile Class representing a mmCIF files.
mmCIFFileParser Stateful parser which uses the mmCIFElementFile tokenizer to read a mmCIF file and convert it into the mmCIFData/mmCIFTable/mmCIFRow data hierarchy.
mmCIFFileWriter Writes out a mmCIF file using the data in the mmCIFData list.
mmCIFRow Contains one row of data.
mmCIFSave Class to store data from mmCIF dictionary save_ blocks.
mmCIFTable Contains columns and rows of data for a mmCIF section.

mmCIFError Base class of errors raised by Structure objects.
mmCIFSyntaxError Base class of errors raised by Structure objects.

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int MAX_LINE = 2048                                                                  

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