Package mmLib
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Package mmLib

  • AtomMath: Mathmatical operations performed on mmLib.Strcuture.Atom objects.
  • Colors: Library of colors matching PyMol color names.
  • ConsoleOutput: Console output.
  • FileIO: Load and save mmLib.Structure objects from/to mmLib supported formats.
  • Gaussian: Library of tables and classes for analsis of Gaussian probability distributions.
  • GeometryDict: Geometry hasing/fast lookup classes.
  • Library: Monomer and element library data classes.
  • mmCIF: mmCIF file and mmCIF dictionary parser.
  • mmCIFBuilder: Convert a Structure object into its mmCIFFile description.
  • mmCIFDB: Structural database based on mmCIF.
  • OpenGLDriver: OpenGL rendering classes.
  • PDB: Brookhaven PDB v2.2 file parser.
  • PDBBuilder: Convert a Structure object to its PDBFile description.
  • R3DDriver: graphics driver for producing a output file for the Raster3D ray tracer.
  • SpaceGroups: Symmetry operations as functions on vectors or arrays.
  • Structure: Classes for representing biological macromolecules.
  • StructureBuilder: Classes for building a mmLib.Structure representation of biological macromolecules.
  • Superposition: Class for least-squares structural superposition.
  • TLS: Utility classes for loading, manipulating, and analyzing TLS parameters.
  • UnitCell: Classes for handling unit cell transformation.
  • Viewer: Visualization system for Structure objects.
  • Constants
  • NumericCompat
  • Sequence

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